Frequently asked questions

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Document security refers to the integrity of information on the document. Anyone looking at the document should be able to trust the information and be confident that it has not been manipulated or tampered without necessarily having access to the source of the information. KMT helps ensure this with its technologies.

KMT’s technology gives you the flexibility to use it for both printed as well as electronic documents unlike some other solutions which only work with one type of document.

The size of the QR code image increases with the amount of data stored. KMT’s multi-pipeline compression is aimed specifically at having a smaller QR code image as for the same amount of data. I.e upto 30% more data can be stored for the same QR code image size. As such upto 2000 characters can be stored. For larger data sets, including attachments such as PDFs and images, KMT supports secure attachments associated with the Code.

The KMT code can have secure attachments. The attachments are stored, encrypted and signed. They are as secure as the information in the QR code and goes through an equally rigorous process of validation to check for any tampering. By using secure attachments, there is theoretically no limit to the amount of information which can be secured.

With KMT’s API , you could be up and running in minutes. We had a enterprise customer who rolled out in 8 systems in just 2 months including integration, staging and testing!

Sure. In addition to the ID textual information, it can also include a photo id as well an expiry date which is checked during validation

Simply post the image of the invoice to the KMT Validation Server. It first validates the invoice to ensure it’s authenticity and that it originated from the designated company. Once validated, it returns the invoice data in a structured format that can be read and ingested into most systems for further processing, helping in automation.

KMT’s secure code can only be generated by the private key of the issuing organization. The signature generated by the key is 3072 bit in size, which is stronger than most internet banking systems today. This ensures that the validated document originated from the issuing organization.

Yes. In addition to our cloud based offering, we do offer a solution that can run in your own data center.

To integrate with existing systems, some knowledge of using web based APIs are needed. The integration is similar to most web based REST API system integration. However it is straightforward. One of our customers got 8 systems online in just two months, this included development and testing.

Yes, just sign up for a trial and our awesome support will be there to assist with any questions you may have.

In case of cloud API, the KMT generator is hosted by KMT on Amazon Cloud Service (AWS) and the customer is provided a log in to their account to use it as required. In case of On Premise, one or multiple instances of the generator are run on the customer’s computer systems directly.

We recommend to start off with the Cloud API as you can be up and running quickly. However if your organization requires that solution run only within the organization’s network, then you’ll need the On Premise solution

An On-Premise solution comes with a dedicated KMT Generator and Validator server. Plus you’ll be able to run multiple instances of it as well. Hence the higher monthly fee.

Depends on your business volume. Please contact us.

The regular way of validation is by using the document validator app which is available as a free download on the App store and the Google play store. However we also provide an SDK at an extra charge which can be made part of the customer’s app and provides the same functionality for validation. If you would like to automate the validation or have a need to do bulk validation of KMT secured documents, then the KMT validation server is the option you need. This server is provided as a KMT cloud service and can be called with an API for automated and/or bulk validation of documents having KMT DSS. An On-Premise option for KMT Validation Server is also available. For both the SDK as well as the on-premise validation server the pricing can be indicated based on assessment of the requirements.

We do offer preferential pricing for a volume commitment of KMT DSS Codes Generation or Validation. Contact us and let us know the volumes you can commit to and we can give you the pricing accordingly.

We also provide an option to pay by wire transfer or direct account transfer apart from credit card payments.